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SoCh in Action is a social enterprise that believes in a ‘children-inclusive’ society where they play an active role. At SoCh we encourage children to THINK, VOICE and ACT, so they can embrace the challenges in the society and drive change.

Madhu Verma - Founder and Director SoCh in Action Singapore

Madhu Verma

Founder and Director

Motivated by the belief that children can make a positive impact on society, Madhu Verma founded SoCh in Action in 2010. Previously, Madhu has worked with various corporate and social sector organisations, such as Microsoft Corporation and Oxfam, New Zealand. She is also the co-founder of Microfinance Society, Singapore.

She calls Singapore home and lives here with her husband, 16-year-old son and Coco (adopted dog), who has been blessing to the entire family. 

SoCh family include a highly enthusiastic core team, pool of facilitators who are passionate about being catalysts of change, long-associated individuals, interns and volunteers supporting some support functions and events, and local & international partners who add the x-factor to our work.  They join us to empower children and help shape society.  

SoCh Team

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