Be the Change Exposition - Activities

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SoCh has partnered with some amazing organisations to run dynamic, interactive activities at the BTC 2014

REGISTER NOW! Don't miss out on the most dynamic children's exposition of the year.


Handprints against Violence by We Can! Singapore

We Can! Singapore

Take a stand against violence by marking your handprints on our Handprints Against Violence collage. Sometimes to make change, you have to get your hands a little dirty!







Connect to Nature by Soch in Action

Soch in Action

Learn more about Singapore flora and fauna, disconnect from the internet, and connect to nature at home!





FUN TECHNIQUES for SPEEDY CALCULATIONS by The Geniuspod Enrichment Services

Genius Pod

Go back to the future. ..a world with no computers and no calculators! How would you survive? Through Genuis Pod's Unplugged Calculations activity you will learn fun tips and interesting tricks on how calculate large numbers with out using calculators or breaking a sweat! Try out these new techniques in a fun competition against your classmates. Learn how to problem solve and think quickly on their feet and you might just survive!



Scented Clay Banquets by Nicola Anthony

Nicola Anthony

International artist Nicola Anthony will be guiding the children through with a recipe to make their own clay using a method similar to bread-making. Come and get hands-on at the art banquet! We will sculpt the ‘dough’, adding amazing colours and design. Together we will build a banquet table full of weird and wonderful food sculptures.



Mirror Mirror by We Can! Singapore

We Can! Singapore

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Try this out as a form of catharsis - erase the insults that others have been served and write down things you’ve been verbally abused with, we hope you will achieve some sort of catharsis.






Ad-tack by We Can! Singapore

We Can! Singapore

The media affects not just how we see the world, but also ourselves and the people around us. If there's been a stereotype that you keep seeing on TV or in the magazines you read about boys or girls, write down your thoughts: together, we can bust the adverts and images we see every day that put us in boxes!






The Art of Story Telling by Storywise


Listen to Humorous Storytellers tap into your imagination to create and tell your own stories with the story prompts like story dice and OH cards.







Kampong Days Game – Five Stones by AWWA Seniors Activity Center


Have you ever tried to switch off Candy Crush and played Five stones. Be there and learn to have real FUN! from our pioneers.



History Lesson by Ageless Online

Ageless Online

Connect with your own history and meet Singapore’s own the time traveller and examine items from the past, and learn about their significance.





Spanish Dance by Flamenco Flamingoes

Flamenco Flamingoes

Dance to your own music with Ms. Su. Join in the percussive Spanish Flamenco dance where the dancer is also the musician, create elaborate rhythms and counter-rhythms using castanets, footwork, clapping, finger snaps.




Facts VS Myth  by We Can! Singapore

We Can! Singapore

Is there equal representation of men and women in the movies we watch? How equal are we, really? Play our little guessing game and see whether any of the facts surprise you!







Hand print by Soch in Action

Soch in Action

No hands are too small. Your hands matter. Print your hand towards the I CAN effort.






Just B

Unplug/unmask from the image that we project to the world to connect oneself - the real and important faces behind the masks.





Celebrate The Toilets by World toilet organisation

World toilet organisation

Visit the World Toilet organisation booth to show your support and solidarity for the global sanitation movement. Celebrate your toilet by expressing your gratitude on our unique cartoon toilet bowls. Don’t miss the opportunity to unleash your inner sanitation superhero, in your own special way!


Knock Em down by Soch in Action

Soch in Action

Cannot La! Knock down your excuses and make it Can La!





Pay it forward by Singapore Kindness Movement

Singapore Kindness Movement

Make amazing bookmarks which are marked with kindness




What is Food Banking by Food bank

Food bank

Have you ever left food on your plate? Learn about global and local issues on food wastage.



Homeless on earth by Billion Bricks

Billion Bricks

Learn about and experience the homeless world.




I Can build a brick wall by Soch in Action

Soch in Action

The world asks the children Can You? Contribute your own brick to this wall, and announce to the world that I CAN.





Roll the Dice – Which Picasso Face Are You by Art Outreach

Art Outreach

Have you ever pulled a funny or strange face at the camera? What effect did it create? Did you know that even before there were cameras, artists were already painting the funny faces of people around them? One artist who has created many portraits in his own unique style is Pablo Picasso. Let’s find out how! Discuss Picasso’s painting Weeping Woman (1937), and examine how shapes and colours have been used to create this portrait. Create your own Picasso style portraits, by rolling a dice.


Can Connect by Soch in Action

Soch in Action

Create your own connections ..Connect to your friends using age old fun ways





Minute to win it! Word Races by Room to Read

Room to Read

Compete and see who can find a find in the dictionary and then another word. and then make a sentence.








Just Dump it! by Soch in Action

Soch in Action

Switch off from playing online games to a fun filled game of basketball with friends. Share a laugh, play and have fun. While you are at it, share with us your thoughts / worries that you want to dump out of your life.





Let’s Talk by Ageless Online

Ageless Online

Find out how much we have in common with our pioneers, and share that with one and all.






Design your magazine by Kidz Parade

Kidz Parade

The Kidz Parade is a premium edutainment magazine with a mission to Ignite Curiosity, Promote Creativity and to Provide Inspiration to children. It features over 60% of its contents written and illustrated by children and the rest by experts, teachers, professionals and esteemed organizations from various sectors. So here is your chance to contribute to your own to this magazine.

Newapaper 2020

Kidz Parade encourages you to imagine what the newspaper will look like in 2050. Share your expectations for 2050






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