Be the Change Exposition 2015

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The 6th Annual Be the Change Exposition is BACK!
Come and Say “I CAN!”

Be The Change Exposition 2015


SG50 and NEXT

Some photos from previous years’ event

Be The Change Exposition 2014 event photo  Be The Change Exposition 2014 event photo







SoCh is partnering with some amazing organisations to run dynamic, interactive activities at the BTC Exposition 2015



HYDE AND FEEL by Billion Bricks

Billion Bricks

Empathise with the millions of homeless around the globe who are subject to harsh winter colds. Winterhyde protects and saves poor families from the cold. Hyde and Feel it! Can you send them a warm message?




Activities by We Can! Singapore

We Can! Singapore

1) Handprints For Change

2) Be Yourself and Break Stereotypes

3) Photo Board

4) Facts VS Myth

5 ) Ad-tack





Time Travel with the Seniors Games from the past  by Ageless Online

Ageless Online

See the wonders of the past and hear the stories come alive as the seniors take you back in time. Discuss if things and stuff have changed now and wonder how they might be in future! What kind of games were played back then? Let the seniors show you how to play it!






DAD and ME by DADs for Life

DADs for Life

Be a part of the Dads for Life movement, penning your thoughts or drawings about dads onto a card: the simple things that make you happy, the not-so-nice things that make you sad, and hopes for all dads. Take this card home to dads!!! to their dads and be loved by them.



Word of Mouth Food for thought?  by Food Bank

Food Bank

Go through worksheets and find some good words and some not so much. Understand why these words exist and how you can help. Can you spread the good word? How much do you know about food wastage in Singapore? Find out how you can help make a difference!



Got Clay? Can Play! by Play Creations

Play Creations

Shaping, innovating, and creating the Future Next, Through the Play Clay workshop for everyone :)





And it's a GOOO..AL! by Sportif Youth

Sportif Youth

You don't need to be a Ronaldo to enjoy football! Come and kick a few balls and see what goals you score! Kick your obstacles and meet your goals!









Fun with Food by Poshan


For Singapore to grow, we need you to be healthy and strong! And good food can be yummy too! See how you can have fun with food and still strong and healthy. Make some cool fridge magnets too!



Throw it right! by GreenSport

Green Sport Singapore

Have fun throwing rubbish, but throw it right! Flex your muscles and angle it right, as you figure out what goes where. Just any rubbish bin won't do!






Mindfully Happy! by The Open Centre

The open centre

Breathe in happiness, breathe out stress! Learn the art of being mindfully happy. Test for yourself if mindfulness yields results!




Caption It! and Spin for Access by The Disabled People's Association

Can you identify discrimination? Watch out for situations when someone is being discriminated and speak out! Caption it and win something! How many access symbols for the disabled can you identify? Up your Access Symbol quotient!










Flutter, Flutter, Can you match her? by Nature Society Singapore

The open centre

Help the butterflies in Singapore break out of their cocoons, so they can spread their joy and beauty for years to come.









Come and grab, a horseshoe crab! by Nature Society Singapore

The open centre

See the horseshoe crab up close and personal and understand why it needs your luck, and help!










Make Headlines! by SoCh in Action

The open centre

Can you see yourself making headlines? Say "I CAN" make tomorrow's headlines, better, brighter and bolder! Join in as we make headlines, building the largest newspaper of tomorrow!





Building SG100 by SoCh in Action

The open centre

Imagine how SG100 would be like and put your heads together to build the city of your dreams. The Skyline is the limit!






What bothers you? by SoCh in Action

The open centre

Design for Change has been selected by the United Nations as one of the initiatives to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Tell us which issue bothers you the most and say I CAN! to the goal you most identify with!

And yes, don’t forget to put your Global Goals’ Hat On!





Talking Toilets! by World Toilet Organization

The open centre

Sit on toilet bowls and ponder over sanitation conditions in developing nations. Are you thankful you have a clean seat to sit on? Take a quiz on sanitation and win medals… while on the hot seat!






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