26 | 02 | 2018

I CAN Singapore - 50 stories of children shaping our nation

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This e-book will inspire everyone to say "I CAN" - FREE download now!


I CAN, Singapore eBookIn this book, Design for Change Singapore brings to you 50 real stories by real children who believe in two of the most powerful words in the universe ‘I CAN’. By having the belief in these two words, nothing is impossible, you can drive change and shape your life, others’ lives and the future of a nation.

All the schools and children featured in the book have been part of Design for Change movement in Singapore. Design for Change is the world's largest movement of children driving change in more than 30 countries (www.dfcworld.com).

Written for an interesting read and accentuated with colourful illustrations and comics, these are real stories of change where children, as young as 8 years old, are a testimony to show that with a little empathy and the power of ‘I CAN’, they can make the world a better place. The book is made FREE for all to download so it reaches as many people, especially children, to recognise and get inspired by the spirit of ‘I CAN’!

This book is also testimony to the fact that people will always come together for any great cause. A team of volunteers - writers, illustrators and the editor have worked together to bring this inspired vision to life. Read on and get inspired!

Feel free to have a glance and scroll down to download the book for free.   


*Please write to admin@sochinaction.com in case of any issues with eBook download !

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Please write to admin@sochinaction.com in case of all issues with eBook download !

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