Singapore Judging Panel(2012)

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SoCh in Action says a great big THANK YOU to our Judging Panel

A big part of the Be the Changes Exposition – ‘I CAN’ Shape the Future is the opportunity to showcase and engage with our DFC school challenge submission. It is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by the creativity and vision of our young people.

Singapore is small and unique in many ways. Hence the challenges we face are also different compared to a lot of other countries around the world Design for Change program offers an international panel of judges, however we prefer to have local judging panel who would understand our children's work and efforts better. This local judging panel is only possible because of the commitment and voluntary efforts of our fabulous judges.

Please meet the judges who have been inspired by all the DFC submissions and have chosen to support us through their own work and by actively supporting SoCh in making our children say 'I CAN' be the Change!


Jacks Yeo – Deputy Director (Design), Design Singapore Council, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts

Jack Yeo

Jacks Yeo graduated from National University of Singapore with Masters of Architecture and is currently Deputy Director (Design) at Design Singapore Council, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. Jacks has written for magazines like, 'Singapore Architects Architectural Magazine' and 'Design and Lifestyle Magazine' and has been involved in the ‘Cities on the Move Art Exhibition’ in Copenhagen and The Osaka Foundation of International Exchange Programme.  



Patsian Low, Deputy Director, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Patsian LowPatsian Low specializes in research and consultative work in microfinance, social finance, non-profit organisation analysis and other initiatives that economically advance social objectives. She has been active in the social finance sector as a volunteer since 2004, prior to that she has 14 years of financial services private sector experience from New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Currently she holds the following positions

Deputy Director, Philanthropy at National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Independent Director at Banking with the Poor Network Ltd.
President & Founding Member at Microfinance Society (Singapore)

Mdm Kylicia Soo – Ministry of Education

Mdm Kylicia SooMadam Kylcia Soo is the CCE Officer/ National Education Character and Citizenship Ed Br, SDCD, MOE. Prior to working in the government she was the Head of Department for CCE at Tampines Primary School.





Faris Basharahil – Social Creatives

Faris BasharahilFaris Basharahil was involved with community work since the age of 14 and is the recipient of long service award for grassroots involvements, LTA Book Prize and the Presidents Award for Social Services in an informal group effort. He was also the President (Youth) for Siglapian Alumni Association and represented Singapore for an Asean-Korea youth conference in 2008. Fuelled by the passion to do something about the society, which he finds very structured, Faris secured over a million dollars for Social Creatives by the age of 25.





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