Singapore Judging Panel (2014)

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Please meet the judges who have been inspired by the enthusiasm of the participating students and support us in evaluating the entries.    


Ms. Ramya, Co-founder of Bridgeable


Ramya is a lawyer from India who has worked in the US, Zurich and in Singapore in an earlier avatar. Ramya's keen interest in the social sector motivated her to find various ways of caring for communities. She co-founded a giving circle called Focus India Forum in Singapore about 11 years ago. This has given her in depth exposure to the development sector and helped familiarize her with several international organizations. Her passion is to make a sustained and meaningful difference in the form of charity, social investment or simply by connecting people and raising awareness. She was one of the top five nominees for SONY-IWA woman of the year award 2014.  She is an associate Counselor with Wings Counselling Center.  Ramya is also an author who has published over 35 short stories in Tamil, co-authored a book in English and a book in Tamil. Her stories have received several recognitions most notably, the Golden Point Award in 2003 and 2011 from the National Arts Council, Singapore. Ramya is a co-founder of Bridgeable which focuses on strategic philanthropy in India and Singapore. 


 Utami Sugianto, Founder of Ginger Works

Utami SugiantoGinger Works is a space and business design consultancy that focuses on defining solutions from the human-centered aspects.  Utami has over 15 years of experience in space design, human capital management, process redesign and project management including corporate stints at top global firms e.g. McKinsey & Co. and The Hay Group. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and an MBA from Wharton.  In her home country of Indonesia, she was actively involved in the leadership NGO, Indonesia Mengajar


 Pauline Tan, is a research associate with ACSEP

Pauline Tan

Pauline co-authored “Innovation in Asia Philanthropy” that investigates innovative deployment of financial and human capital for social impact as well as "The Landscape of Social Enterprises in Singapore". She also co-moderated the Singapore Conversation on Social Enterprises. She has been responsible for evaluating and shortlisting charities for the Charity Governance Award between 2012 and 2014. Her research interests are impact evaluation, financial inclusion, poverty, social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Before working in the social sector, she has worked in the finance industry for over 8 years

Dr. Carol Balhetchet is the Senior Director and Clinical Psychologist of the Youth Services Centre, Singapore Children’s Society

Dr Caroline  BalhetchetDr. Carol Balhetchet earned her doctorate in Transdiciplinary (Psychology and Behavioural Science) from Central Queensland University in 2005. She also has a Masters in Social Science (Psychology & Counselling) and a Degree in Applied Psychology (Counselling). Having been in the field for 22 years, she is known to the social work arena; sharing her wealth of experience on parenting and youth matters, through numerous talks, seminars and workshops to both commercial and government organizations. 

She is a familiar face on national TV (English, Malay and Chinese ) and radio on youth and delinquency issues since 1997. A passionate person on the subject of youth-at- risk, she has contributed many articles on these issues to national newspapers including The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Berita Harian and Lianhe Zaobao. She is a member of the Advisory Committee for English Television and Radio Programmes, Ministry of Information Communications and the Arts (MICA) for the past 13 years and also previously served on the Central Singapore District Comcare Local Network Steering Committee.

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