She came, she inspired, she conquered our hearts….

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Kiran bir SethiShe set the young minds ablaze with the zeal to make a difference; she engaged educators to explain why design-led thinking can add immense value to our education system; and proved her point with hard core facts & figures to the thought leaders in the Singapore’s education sector.

Kiran Bir Sethi, founder of Design for Change Program, visited Singapore, hosted by SoCh, to meet students, teachers and policy makers with a goal to empower design-led social change where every student says I CAN’ instead of ‘CAN I?’

Kiran, recently chosen as one of 12 Thought Leaders of the World and also the founder of Riverside School in Ahmedabad, has many accolades and awards to her name in her pursuit of making education holistic.

If you missed hearing her voice here is 938Live! radio interview podcast : 938Live! Radio Interview 14th May

"Can I?” to “I Can!”

kiran with the kids in singapore

In an interactive session with students from 9 schools, Kiran shared how children in India stopped child marriages in their village, addressed issue of packaged foods in Bhutan and took the task of cleaning their beaches in Brazil.

Change stories of children from around the world galvanised the young present into speaking about their own dreams and aspirations for making their mark in this world. And they sure want to make a difference, even if it is their own small way.

Your support could do wonders

A room full of principals, policy makers, and senior faculty listened intently to Kiran’s simple yet profound thoughts on whether education today is preparing our kids for the future.  Kiran reinforced how they can play a crucial role in teaching kids to think, develop skills needed for today and giving them the freedom to choose in order to create curious, competent future citizens.

Kiran demonstrated her deep belief that every child has the potential to bring about social change if only we believe in them. Kiran explains. "The 21st century skills are not a separate syllabus - it becomes embedded in their everyday life. And when children do good, they also do well."

Raffles Institution was invited to share how their DFC project ‘smile for cleaners’ helped sensitize their schoolmates and teachers to the plight of hardworking but unsung heroes.  The DFC process involved many aspects of learning from research, analytical skills, design-thinking process, and implementation, re-doing & re-fining and sharing in many ways.

Jaspal Kaur, CIP teacher from Pasir Ris Primary and Mr Mark Minjoot, principal of Greendale Secondary joined in to share their experiences with DFC Singapore in the last two years. 

Kiran addressing the principals & educators  

‘education by design and not by chance’ – a social conversation with Kiran : the session was held in collaboration with Lien Centre for Social Innovation

 Responding to a question from the audience on empowering children, Kiran said:

 "The kids have to feel it themselves," she reiterated, “and it's not about ticking off a checklist of projects, or having children parrot issues that adults tell them about. They have to engage with their community, see the real needs and feel for the issue, in order to develop genuine empathy. This could even be as simple as allowing a visually handicapped boy to touch the faces of all those around him for the first time (a DFC project from the Experimental Elementary School in Taiwan).”

Design for Change became a by-product of the Riverside School syllabus; and has since gone global, reaching 35 countries, 300,000 schools and 25 million children.

The Design for Change (DFC) Competition 2012

Since 2010, the local SoCh team has been engaging schools in their efforts to bring this movement to a higher level in Singapore. As at end 2011, SoCh saw over 450 participants from 27 schools taking part their various annual programs during the academic year.  Read more

Can you?

As a society & as adults we have a role to play in making today’s child a socially responsible citizen of tomorrow.  Can you do to help? Of course You Can!

Whether you are a student, educator, corporate organisation, policy maker or just anybody who would like to help us with this movement, we welcome you to be part of SoCh. (

Together We Can!Kiran inspires kids to say 'I CAN'

Teachers, can you play a part in empowering these young minds to say ‘I CAN’ instead of ‘Can I?’

You can!

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