Clementi Primary School - Handling PSLE pressure

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We feel that our school is underachieving in terms of PSLE academic results, and the main reason for that is that our P6 pupils are not diligent enough when it comes to studies.  We analysed the problem for its root causes and we all agreed that the slacking behaviour of P6 pupils are directed by their poor attitudes towards studies, and that could in turn be caused by low self-esteem or adverse situations at home or in school.


We thought of giving motivational talks and setting up some booths during recess to promote good learning attitudes.  Some of the activities at these booths can include designing a revision template or personal timetable.  We also thought of presenting a song that will inspire pupils to work hard.  Other ideas include making bookmarks with motivational quotes for P6 students.


We decided on first giving a motivational talk to convince our P6 pupils on WHY they should change their attitude.  We decided to collaborate with our Principal who would be giving a pep talk to our P6s before their Prelim exams.  We met up with her on 26 July and showed her the motivational powerpoint we prepared.  Two days later, we got a few eloquent classmates to present the slides to the P6s after which our Principal took over and reinforced our message.  The following week, we gave another presentation on HOW the P6s could change their attitude.  That included tips on how revision should be done.  Then we collected well wishes from pupils of other levels to encourage our P6s.  The well wishes were typed out on powerpoint and screened on the two broadcasting TVs in our school all day.  We also consulted our School Counsellor and gave all P6s a mini booklet on mental health issues such as stress management.

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