22 | 11 | 2017

Sponsors & Partners

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Global Partner

DESIGN FOR CHANGE is the largest global movement designed to give children an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action.

Children and adults learn through the Design for Change Challenge that “I Can” are the two most powerful words a person can believe in. Through the four easy steps of Feel, Imagine, Do and Share, children are dreaming up and leading brilliant ideas all over the world. Children are proving that they have what it takes to be able to design a future that is desired. 

PR Partner : Rice Communications 


Rice Communications was established in January 2009 to provide strategic, insightful and customized professional communications services. Based in Singapore, Rice Comms caters to companies seeking to strengthen their profile across the Asia-Pacific region. Rice Communications is a part of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN) and the Oriella Network, an alliance of 15 communications agencies in 20 countries around the world. For more information, please visit:www.ricecomms.com 


Newswire Partner : PR Newswire Asia

PR Newswire (http://en.prnasia.com) is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 57 years ago, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize and target content – from rich media to online video to multimedia – and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world's largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire enables the world's enterprises to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and is a United Business Media company. Email query@prnasia.com to know more.


Training Supporter : Facilitator's Network Singapore  

Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS), a social enterprise, was formed as an informal network of facilitators in 2003 by Janice Lua and Prabu Naidu with the mission of promoting and supporting the art and practice of professional facilitation in Singapore and the region through methods exchange, collegial networking and support services.  


Knowledge Partner: Freshbulb

Freshbulb believes that any individual can be empowered to be creative! 

As long as you learn to build upon your strengths, learn to have the right mindset, and follow the right process, you will come up with unique and fresh ideas, and enable your company to offer purposeful solutions.  www.freshbulb.com 

Freshbulb has been part of SoCh’s strategic planning process and in facilitating SoCh to use Design Thinking concepts.  


5th Annual Be The Change Exposition 2014

5th Annual Be The Change Exposition 2014 is supported by POSB PAssion Kids Fund.  

“The POSB PAssion Kids Fund is a fund under the People’s Association Community

Development Fund (PACDF). Through corporate and individual donations raised

through the POSB PAssion Kids Run, the POSB PAssion Kids Fund will provide

funding for the People’s Association (PA) children’s programmes and activities that

will benefit children in the community.”

POSB Passion kids fund                            


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For all inquiries & partnership, please write directly to madhu@sochinaction.com

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